All Solamids

have found their owner in Heavenland



Pyramid with 21 floors and 4941 unique apartments (Solamids) which vary depending on the rarity system of the Solamids collection. All of this is being implemented in Heavenland which will enable Solamid owners unprecedent possibilities of monetization like staking, renting or upgrading their property. Buy, own, stake, rent & earn. Welcome to Solamids.


Solamids’ partners work as patrons to each floor and as advisors to Solamids project. Each floor in the Pyramid has a partnered NFT collection and every Solamid on the specific floor is marked with the partnered collection's logo. Solamids' main partner is Heavenland.

other partners


Solamids have formed a groundbreaking deal with Heaveland. Together, we are building the Pyramid (with all of its Solamids) in a designated place of the newly-emerging virtual world. This will allow all Solamid owners to own a property in the virtual world and participate in the economy with all possible perks. Owners will be able to monetize their Solamid (stake on it, upgrade it, remodel it to a place of the dream) and further profit from emerging collaborations. Be part of the change, own a Solamid.


Seed Phase
  • concept finalisation
  • website release
  • rarity sheet release
  • closing a deal with a Metaverse builder to implement the Pyramid in their Metaverse
  • partnerships with reputable NFT collections
Mint Phase:
  • promotion
  • mint
  • listing on marketplaces
Development Phase:
  • partnerships with other reputable NFT collections
  • mutual Pyramid development with Heavenland
Prosperity Phase:
  • Pyramid with all of its Solamids placed in Heavenland
  • Solamids opened for monetization
  • Solamid proprietors voting


What are Solamids?

Solamids represent 4,914 unique apartments in the Pyramid building with 21 floors. The Pyramid is going to be an indispensable place in Heavenland.

Is there a summary with a vision?

Yes, check out the Medium post covering Solamids’ vision, plans & Metaverse implementation here.

Will Solamids be part of a Metaverse?

Yes, we have formed a partnership with Heavenland that is building a mesmerizing metaverse on Solana blockchain. Solamids will be implemented in their virtual world with all possibilities of monetization and perks.

What are the Solamids’ rarities?

The rarity system is live, You can check it here.

What do partnered collections represent?

Each Pyramid floor will have a partnered NFT collection that can be perceived as a patron to the specific floor and to the Solamids project itself. Every Solamid on the partnered floor will be marked with the partnered collection's logo and owners of the Solamids will be able to claim rewards depending on the partnered collection.

What is Solamid Proprietor?

Anyone who owns 5 or more Solamids becomes a Solamid Proprietor and is granted an access to a restricted space with developers and allowed to suggest proposals, vote and directly influence the future of Solamids.

If your address owns 5 or more Solamids, visit our Discord server and follow instructions in the verify-as-holder channel. After verification, you'll be granted access to residents-chat and proprietors-chat based on how many Solamdis you own. Your Solamids holdings will be monitored regularly, so your access to these private groups can be removed or re-granted.

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